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Aurélie Labrosse

English to French Audiovisual Translation

About me

On one of many trips to the cinema to see a foreign film in its original version with subtitles, I realised at the age of just 17 that I wanted to translate films for a living. After completing degrees in English and then audiovisual translation, which took me to Canada and the UK, I began my freelance career in 2010. Several years and countless projects later, I still savour the quest for the perfect word or the right expression, all while considering the on-screen image and making sure the timing is spot on. I am a member of ATAA (the French Audiovisual Translation Association) and UK-based subtitlers’ association SUBTLE. I offer the following services:

Old Fashioned Film Camera 2



Working with professional software EZTitles 6, I have subtitled many programmes over the years, be it for cinema release, TV, festivals, VOD platforms or corporate clients. Some of my work is listed below.

Image by Jakob Owens


I also provide voiceover translations, mostly for documentaries and TV programmes.

Image by Sven Brandsma


Every now and then I like to put my headphones to one side and lend my skills to other parts of the film-making process, translating film scripts, production booklets, press kits and pitches, as well as other texts, especially if they deal with subjects I’m interested in: music (I’m a keen saxophonist), travel, photography, LGBTIQ+ themes, feminism, cooking & breadmaking, cold water swimming, bicycle touring, etc.

Image by Patrick Tomasso


I regularly proofread subtitles

and various texts...

Typos, beware! 

Selected Projects

Cinema Complex


“Thank you for your wonderful work on my film.”

Christian Frei, Oscar-nominated director

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